22 December 2022

New office

MR. STIR wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Tasteful 2023.
From now we will help you from our new office on top of the Veemgebouw Strijp-S.
Our new address is Torenallee 106-04, 5617 BE Eindhoven

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3 November 2022

MR. STIR signed the Eindhoven Regional Circular Construction Strategy covenant

Last Monday, the region of Eindhoven took another big step towards “het Nieuwe Normaal: circulair bouwen”.  Together with 15 other parties, MR. STIR signed the Eindhoven Regional Circular Construction Strategy covenant. A nice milestone!

The covenant was designed by Cirkelstad in collaboration with Brink and the Municipality of Eindhoven. In the near future, as Cirkelstad Eindhoven, we will work together with clients and contractors to further shape circularity in the region by having a good conversation with each other and give everyone the right tools to integrate and embrace “het Nieuwe Normaal” as a common language in this construction region.

22 September 2022

Huis van Concordia

We are very proud to announce that our design has been chosen in the selection for the new clubhouse of RHC Concordia in Roermond. With the “House of Concordia” we create a really warm home for the club where there is room for meeting. A place where members, regular visitors and local residents meet, come together and play sports.

The design concerns a volume that is made up of two floors, with the lower floor housing the changing, technical and support areas. The clubhouse is located on the first floor with many open facades and a spacious terrace. The stands are integrated into the slope and provide a good view over the fields. The well thought-out plan offers sufficient protection against any future flooding and is sustainable in design and use.

RHC Concordia
22 July 2022

Flagship Store My Jewellery EINDHOVEN

A flagship store is often the largest, most beautiful and most complete store of a brand. This certainly applies to the beautiful new My Jewelery Flagship Store in Eindhoven. You enter the shop in an impressive double-height room where a pink staircase leads you up. Upstairs the familiar house style is immediately recognizable. This pleasant atmosphere has been supplemented and reinforced with surprising new ideas and innovative store concepts to complete the total experience. The entire layout of the store has been designed based on an open floor plan in which stylish elements have been placed. This is to ensure openness, overview, and an optimal shopping experience. MR. STIR is proud of the result.

My Jewellery
14 July 2022

Villa MRV

Villa MRV is a compact villa with a very complete program, located at the Ambyerveld in Maastricht. The villa has a strong orientation towards the private garden where the covered terrace is linked to both the living area and kitchen. By designing the volume structure and facade openings in a smart way, daylight can reach deep into the house. This play with light and space is present throughout the house. The glass is a continuous line, all linked together, from the large glass surface in the living room to the patio in the basement. On the first floor, an extra patio provides a lot of daylight in the hallway and constructs a relationship between the sauna and the outer space.

5 May 2022

Transformation of a former butcher’s shop into a residential complex

The plan for the SVDP location in Roermond has been received with praise by the CBK. The plan is based on the transformation of a former butcher’s shop into a residential complex. After a few years of vacancy, the district will receive a real quality boost with a positive effect on the environment. We carefully searched for an integration that ensures an upgrade of the location. The committee expressed appreciation for the daring contemporary interpretation of the facades. The choice was made to match the openings with the functions. Form follows function, a small nod to the ’50s-’60s of the original building.

12 April 2022

(re)construction of the Roer College Schöndeln

The Municipality of Roermond has approved the financing for the (re)construction of the Roer College Schöndeln. To make it possible, MR. STIR made a first spatial plan based on the school’s educational vision.

If you want children to learn, you must stimulate them. The Roer College wants to create a learning and development environment in which the student feels seen and recognized for who he/she is. The location of the Roer College offers unique opportunities for this. A small-scale, safe and transparent location where the educational vision can be perfectly expressed. This by making maximum use of the beautiful terrain, the adjacent forest and the sports fields, with fantastic views over the Roer Valley. We are looking forward to this bright future.

Roer College Schöndeln
30 March 2022

Move of MR. STIR in autumn 2022

What is it like to work in the monumental Veemgebouw?

MR. STIR will experience it soon. We feel very much at home at Strijp-S in Eindhoven, but our office in the Glasgebouw has become too small. MR. STIR continues to grow, so it’s time for the next step. We will not leave Strijp-S, but move a few floors up to another building. We are currently working hard to have everything ready on time, but in the autumn of 2022 we will open the doors of our new office on top of the Veemgebouw. This building was recently converted to the design of Caruso-St.John. We are looking forward to this moment and we will inaugurate our new place with a party.

22 March 2022

Villa VWD

Villa VWD is situated on a beautiful location in the Valley of the Maas. The widening of the floodplains has created the opportunity to add a unique villa in a unique place. The house has a clear design with a linear arrangement of the functions. Due to the open structure, all functions are optimally in contact with the surroundings. On the one hand with a beautiful view of the church of the village of Blitterswijck and on the other hand with various views over the Maas.

22 February 2022

New neighborhood in Schuytgraaf

On the edge of Schuytgraaf, a new neighborhood is being developed with the design and appearance of a small contemporary village. A climate-adaptive neighborhood for anyone who would like to live near the Betuwe. The plan has a varied housing program with a lot of attention to the quality of living, so that everyone lives through and with each other in a pleasant way. A future-proof village with its own identity, derived from the characteristics and values ​​of the Betuwe.

19 January 2022

MY Jewellery Flagship store in Antwerpen

The success of MY Jewellery also extends across the border. This starts with the Flagship store in Antwerp. The design feels familiar through the well-known design concept with a clear palette of basic materials such as concrete, wood and brass, supplemented by softer tones in linen fabrics and three-dimensional ceramic tiles. The double-height rooms and the continuous steel staircase provide a surprising and unique experience.

MY Jewellery