What We Do

Love for the profession
At MR. STIR we love what we do. We take great pleasure in the process of creating beautiful
and uplifting spaces. We are driven by the puzzle of finding the right way to unlock
the full potential of a site by combining the necessary ingredients into the perfect mix
answering the client brief.

Outside the lines
At MR. STIR we dare to take risks. We look at an assignment from another angle
and dare to try a different approach. This way we are able to improve, not only ourselves
but primarily our surroundings. We believe in the necessity of research by design
to come to the optimum result.

Together is better
At MR. STIR the user is always central. We are convinced that in spatial design assignments, we can achieve more together than alone. Together ensures support, together ensures involvement, but above all together ensures quality. It is important that there is a valuable connection with those involved. This is by tailoring the manner of presentation and communication to the target group. An important quality of us as spatial designers is that we communicate in visual language. An image says more than 1000 words. More importantly, images invite initiative. Initiative to get better together.

Broad perspective
At MR. STIR we want to have a broad perspective. We work on all kinds of projects
of different sizes and scales. This runs from small interventions in the public space
to architectural projects and urban area developments. We believe that it is precisely this broad perspective that keeps us sharp so that we can work optimally on all different scale levels.

Focus on the future
At MR. STIR we are working towards a resilient future. It is our ambition to develop future-proof plans with a pleasant living environment. In order to achieve this, the use of natural energy sources, reusable materials, future-proof water management and nature-inclusive construction methods are examined. We stand for climate-adaptive plans that are attractive, durable and comfortable.

Feeling of home
At MR. STIR we believe that everyone deserves a home. A place where you walk in and be completely yourself. A place where you feel at home. This is not just a feeling but also a need. We believe that the essence of our profession is to create spaces where everyone can be who they want to be. Our goal is to create places where people feel comfortable and at home with a great sense of security and ownership.

In our plans, we specifically look at the approach to each individual home. The approach to your home is part of your daily system and has a major influence on your feeling of home. This feeling of home is not only linked to residential houses but is reflected in all our projects, such as education, retail, or sports facilities. Always with the thought of creating places where you feel comfortable and safe. We ensure that all individual interests are taken into account and we look at how these together can strengthen the qualities of the larger network of the urban environment in a pleasant manner. By balancing all these elements with each other, we are building new parts of the city that we are proud of.

MR. STIR is a partner at Cirkelstad and a member of 1% for the Planet.

Cirkelstad is the platform for leaders in the circular and inclusive construction sector who want to do, learn and meet together. Cirkelstad is a national cooperative that accelerates the circular construction economy in various cities. We do this by connecting local circular issues with regional and national solutions. In the Eindhoven region, we are working on a regional circular strategy of commissioning, in collaboration with the market and based on ‘Het Nieuwe Normaal’. Cirkelstad Eindhoven is a platform for any organization that wants to inform itself in the field of circular construction, without waste and without failure. Producers, consultants, developers, clients, builders, partners and competitors: together we complete the circle.

1% for the planet is an organization representing a global network of companies, individuals and environmental partners addressing our planet’s most pressing environmental issues. In concrete terms, this means that we donate 1% of annual turnover to environmental goals. 1% for the Planet was founded to prevent greenwashing and be accountable for our planet. We remain committed to this with full energy.



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