8 February 2024

Villa CMW

Villa CMW in Nieuw-Stalberg seamlessly integrates with its natural surroundings, featuring an elevated ground floor with a floor-to-ceiling window offering a panoramic view of the adjacent nature reserve. The transparent rear facade connects to the garden and swimming pool, complemented by a pool house that blends sophistication with attention to detail.

Large vertical slats provide privacy while maintaining a connection with the nature reserve. The spacious kitchen, enveloped in glass, and the adjoining covered terrace are encased by two concrete discs. The upper disc, extending beyond the main volume, offers protection from the sun and other weather elements, cultivating a comfortable and welcoming living space.

11 January 2024

Piushof: Living together

In Piushof, solidarity is the central theme. The green living environment offers different spaces and manners to meet your neighbors, from young to old. With the integration of sustainable, lifecycle-compatible homes in a park-like environment, Piushof is ready for the future.