What We Do

At MR. STIR we love what we do. We take great pleasure in the process of creating beautiful
and uplifting spaces. We are driven by the puzzle of finding the right way to unlock
the full potential of a site by combining the necessary ingredients into the perfect mix
answering the client brief.

At MR. STIR we dare to take risks. We look at an assignment from another angle
and dare to try a different approach. This way we are able to improve, not only ourselves
but primarily our surroundings. We believe in the necessity of research by design
to come to the optimum result.

At MR. STIR we want to have a broad perspective. We work on all kind of projects
of different sizes and scales. This runs from small interventions in the public space
to architectural projects and urban area developments.


  • BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development)
  • Brouwerij de Fontein
  • Bureau Europa
    De Wiekslag
  • FijnWonen
    GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap
    Municipality of Beek
  • Municipilaty of Beekdaelen
    Municipality of Echt-Susteren
    Municipality of Maastricht
    Municipality of Overbetuwe
    Municipality of Peel en Maas
  • Municipaltiy of Sittard-Geleen
    Municipality of Stein
    Municipality of Venlo
  • Municipality of Arnhem
  • Municipality of Voerendaal
  • Municipality of Gennep
  • Municipality of Roerdalen
    My Jewellery
  • Jongen Bouwbedrijven
  • JPO (Jongen Projectontwikkeling)
  • Nester
  • Peters Projectontwikkeling
  • PressPlay
    Privat clients
    Province of Limburg
  • Ronald mcDonaldhuis Maastricht
  • Ruimte voor Ruimte
  • Ruijters Vastgoed
  • RHC Concordia
  • Stichting Hammerveld
  • SOML
  • ROERCollege
  • Van Wijnen Projectontwikkeling